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Inge Bos, Bos Theatrical Productions

Albert Klein Kranenburg

Catharina Scholten

Dorien de Jonge

Niels Kingma

Jouke Seisveld

Technical operator:
Casper Vriens

Martine Bitter

About Bos Theatrical Productions (Bos Theaterproducties)

Bos Theatrical Productions was founded by Inge Bos over twenty-five years ago and has now become a respected brand in Dutch theatre. The company is in the top three of Dutch theatre producers and stands out because of their innovative shows suited for a large audience, with artistical inspiration and craftsmanship as their key values.

Every theatre season Bos produces its own shows: musicals, plays, comedy shows, family shows and musical theatre starring famous Dutch actors whilst offering a platform for new talent. Their shows often surpass every expectation, per example the musicals Amandla! Mandela, HEMA the musical and Chez Brood about rock & roll icon Herman Brood, for which Bos won the Musical Award for Best Musical.

Currently the hit formula DE VERLEIDERS (The seducers) have been producing some of the most successful Dutch plays of the last decade, with The Casanova's of the Real Estate Fraud winning the Audiences Choice Award (annually the Dutch theatre goers choose the best play of the theatre season) in 2013 and Bankers / Crying all the way to the bank being nominated for this award in 2015.

Furthermore Bos has been the agent of comedy stars such as Plien & Bianca, NUHR and representing new talents such as Yentl & De Boer. Regularly Bos brings foreign shows to the Netherlands and they collaborate with other agencies to co-produce new shows, for example the years of cooperation between Bos and MATZER Theatre productions (e.g. Gone with the Wind & Oeroeg).

During her working years Inge Bos has surrounded herself with the most ambitious and renowned artists. An old Amsterdam primary school building houses an enthusiastic production staff working together to make every new show a success. Encouraged by two Labradors and a lovebird ideas become reality, creatives get together, actors get cast and shows get sold.
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